Board and Staff

Board of Directors
At all times Rondo Community Land Trust’s Board of Directors is comprised of one-third CLT homeowners, one-third members (must be residents of Saint Paul), and one-third open seats. The Board of Directors is elected to two-year terms by the members of Rondo CLT.

Charles Bradley, President

Kathleen Castle, Vice President

Trish DeAnda, Treasurer

Paris Servin-Gonzalez, Secretary

Melvin Giles

Mychael Wright

Ana Cruz

Gabriele Pillmann

Ralonda McKinley

Tameka Jones

Kate Speed

Shannon Brunette


Mikeya Griffin | Executive Director |

Coco | Deputy Director |

Justin Gaarder | Special Projects Manager |

Addie Backhus | Executive Assistant |

Noah Bauer | Community Engagement Specialist |

Karen Addoun | Housing Specialist |