Rondo CLT Resale and For-Sale Homes

Rondo currently does not have any affordable homes for sale at this time. We do expect to have three resales in 2017. These homes are already within the trust and are being resold to income qualified households. Some down payment and closing cost assistance may be available.

Homebuyer Initiated Program (HIP)

HIP is an exciting homeownership program for low to moderate-income households. Through HIP, participating households receive funds to help them purchase and rehab a home in Ramsey County. The program is available in the City of Saint Paul and suburban Ramsey County. With HIP, a family can choose a house on the open real estate market. The Rondo funds are used to reduce the amount a household needs to close on a home, and to ensure that the home purchased is structurally and mechanically safe and sound.

HIP Down Payment and Closing Cost Grant
HIP provides funds to write down the purchase price of a house currently for sale in Ramsey County. The amount of the funds depends on need and eligibility of selected buyers.

HIP Rehab Grant
HIP provides funding for households to fix-up the houses they purchase through HIP. The funds are intended to ensure that HIP houses are decent, safe and mechanically and structurally sound. Rehab funds are used for a new roof, a new furnace, and plumbing and electrical updates. Homes that are eligible for HIP must meed the HIP Property Criteria. Rondo CLT provides free property inspections for HIP properties.

Houses purchased in the City of St. Paul are required to be vacant or foreclosed, and will receive up to $50,000 in rehab funds. Houses purchased in suburban Ramsey County will receive up to $25,000 in rehab funds.

The HIP Rehab funds take care of major repair and maintenance issues that are present at the time of purchase. HIP homebuyers won't have to worry about a large repair in their first few years of homeownership.

How HIP Adds up
Families and individuals selected to participate in HIP work with a real estate agent to find a house for sale in Ramsey County. Once a house is found, Rondo CLT provides a free home inspection to determine what types of repairs the house needs. If the HIP Rehab funds can cover the cost of necessary repairs, the house is accepted for HIP. Necessary repairs are outlined in a scope of work. The home is then purchased. After closing, Rondo CLT's rehab specialist hires contractors to do the rehab work outlined in the scope of work. Rondo CLT pays for the rehab.

Homes purchased through HIP become Rondo Community Land Trust homes -- the homes are owned by the CLT homeowner, the land is held "in trust" so that affordable housing will be available to future generations of low to moderate-income homebuyers. HIP homebuyers enter into the Ground Lease agreement with Rondo CLT.

HIP Property Criteria
Homes that are eligible for HIP must meet the HIP Property Criteria, either at the time of purchase, or through the HIP Rehab Grant. Rondo CLT provides free property inspections for HIP properties.

House Moves and Rehabs

Rondo CLT moves buildings slated for demolition to vacant lots for extensive rehabilitation and sale as affordable housing. Through its house move activities, Rondo CLT has helped divert over 15 million pounds of demolition waste from landfills.

Rondo CLT has moved a total of 12 buildings -15 housing units -The first five houses Rondo CLT sold were house moves.

If the opportunity arises, Rondo CLT would be interested in doing more house moves and rehab projects, currently we are collaborating with other housing developers on potential house moves in the near future. Check our website for any new developments.

New Construction

Rondo CLT constructed new houses on the Eastside and the Summit-University neighborhoods of St. Paul. These single family homes incorporated sustainable construction features including reclaimed hardwood flooring, durable cement-fiber siding, and have Energy Star efficiency rating.

Rondo CLT partnered with the Green Institute’s DeConstruction Services, the Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC), and the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance to build two new houses using reclaimed building materials and energy efficient technologies.

The homes feature hardwood floors, doors, floor joists, light fixtures and redwood trim recovered from homes that were being demolished. One of the homes also has a solar panel that supplements the hot water heater.

The houses were built on vacant inner-city lots donated to the Rondo CLT, and the homes were sold as permanently affordable 2001.

We currently have no new construction houses available, but check back to our website for future updates.


Rondo CLT continues to develop lasting collaborative relationships with a variety of organizations with complimentary missions. These partnerships have been integral in Rondo CLT's success in saving housing units from demolition, building sustainable housing, providing on-site training for women entering the trades, affecting public policy related to long-term affordable housing, and promoting the community land trust model.

Other Affordable Homes

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